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Over and Out are proud to work with an extensive and varied global client base, from large and notable corporates to smaller newly established enterprises. Browse a selection of our stellar works below.

Mission Control

Over & Out are a creative technology and design studio that produce high quality web, mobile, e-commerce, apps and platforms. We pride ourselves on helping our clients & partners to embrace new technology. Through merging design, technology and data we enable customers to be more successful online and grow their business. Whether that’s on the web, with social media, in Google or out in the real world.

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    Our visual designers produce creative solutions which not only look out of this world, but feel good to use and address the unique requirements of every client and project respectively.
    • Visual design
    • Branding & identity design
    • Wireframing
    • Interface design
    • Style guides
    • Brand, Website & Social Media style guides
    • System Prototyping
    • Usability testing and research
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    Whether it’s building a mobile application, a responsive website or e-commerce platform, all of our technology is implemented with performance and longevity at the forefront of our minds.
    • Responsive development
    • Front-end engineering
    • Technical consulting
    • Web & Mobile applications
    • API integration
    • E-commerce
    • Content management systems
    • Browser & platform testing
    • Hosting environments and platforms
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    Project launch is just the beginning. Through the use of smart technology and creative ideas we can assist clients throughout the full life cycle of a project to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.
    • Website & Social media strategy
    • Content design, illustration and photography
    • Website & application analytics
    • Performance analysis and goal setting
    • Search & keyword analysis
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Automated data analysis, processing & reporting

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